Bullying FAQs

Walter G. Meyer is a nationally recognized anti-bullying champion who has been on numerous television and radio shows including NPR. He has written about the timely topic of bullying for newspapers and web sites.

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions Walt has received:

What is bullying?
What forms does bullying take?
How can I (or my child) overcome bullying over the summer?
Will help the student to change schools?
Is bullying really a problem or is this just media hype?
What is bullycide?

Are there really any long term effects to the victims of bullying?
Why is it important to break the cycle of bullying?
What if my child is a bully?
Can you humiliate your child to stop them from being a bully?
What did Yoda say about bullying?
Can a school change its bullying culture?
How can I protect myself or my child from cyber bullying?
What can be done about cyber bullying?
What can a bystander to bullying do?
How are bystanders affected by bullying?
Can kind words from a stranger really help in bullying situations?
Why is there so much emphasis on talking about gay or lesbian (LGBT—kids) when we talk about bullying?
Do LGBT kids really have it that bad?
Shouldn’t we teach tolerance in our schools?
How can bullies stop being bullies?
The difference between bullying and other activity?
Can bullies be victims and victims be bullies?
What if the child who is being bullied is young?
What can schools do about bullying?
Does it help to have anonymous bullying tip lines?