Rounding Third


Rob Wardell is a seventeen-year old who feels like he doesn’t quite fit in anywhere–not at home, not at school and not on the baseball field. The small, shy boy stays on the high school baseball team only to please his father since he knows he will never get to play. He’s living his life alone until he finds himself drawn into a friendship with the team’s new star pitcher, Josh Schlagel. The two boys hit it off instantly; maybe it’s because Josh isn’t exactly welcomed by the team either. But as Rob and Josh grow closer and start spending more time together away from the field, Rob realizes this his friend is hiding something. The bruises on Josh’s body and his reluctance to let Rob know about certain parts of his life have Rob suspicious. When Josh’s secrets are finally revealed and become life threatening, Rob and his family must step up to the plate.

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Praise for Rounding Third

This is another wonderful book and I enjoyed it. It’s a coming-of-age story that’s well-written and pulls the reader along the same path as the main character. Interesting and entertaining. I loved it and would highly recommend it. – Trekermt I found time last night to read "Rounding Third". Once I started, I could not put it down. While I am not an avid reader, I do not recall ever reading any book straight through. Whatever your background, life experiences or sexual orientation, this book is a story that needs to be told over and over again. Every living soul has to one degree or another faced the challenges of youth, feeling different and sense of not belonging anywhere. It is a must read!!  Thank you for sharing this with the world.     - Bill Kelly I did enjoy your book very much. The plays were real and exciting and I liked the characters. It’s a good read. - Luke Terpstra When is your next one coming out? I REALLY did like your first one i have probably read like 50 at least young adult books dealing with that subject matter and truthfully yours is one of the two or three best of them all. One of the best young adult type that i have read...have read so many since yours and now use yours for comparison.   - Trey D. I so enjoyed Rounding Third. It's had me on the edge of my seat. So unexpected and so enthralling! I couldn't wait to see what happened next. Thank you for writing such an amazing book. I wish I had read this book when I was 17, it would've helped me so much to read about characters who feel the way I do. i love love love this book! I've finished and I LOVED it! I was so happy to see on the last page that there is a sequel. Can't wait to read it. The story of Rob going from shy to confident and becoming comfortable with himself and his parents is so inspiring and I can relate so much. I was very touched to read the epilogue of the book where you state that all the events in the book are based off real things and that you have gone through some of them. - Daniel Joseph Baker, singer, America’s Got Talent

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