Coming Soon: Triple Play


Triple Play picks up where its predecessor, the critically-acclaimed and award-winning novel Rounding Third leaves off. Rob Wardell goes off to Oberlin College where he immediately meets a new love interest: Bryan A. Murray, better known by his nickname “Bambam” who remembered Rob from when their high school baseball teams faced each other. Rob is given the cold shoulder by his homophobic roommate, Devon, but a little too much attention by Devon’s younger, clingy brother, Joey. And Rob’s ex-boyfriend, Josh, who was at the center of so many horrible things in Rounding Third, still leans on Rob in every new crisis he encounters. Bryan, Joey, and Josh constitute Rob’s “triple play,” which is further complicated by his “fruit fly” friend falling for him and trying to convert him. Rob also tries to cope with his younger sister’s tragic love life. It makes it hard to concentrate on baseball and to keep his place on the college team. But then, life for Rob Wardell never is simple.

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