Business Books to Read: Going For The Green

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Acclaimed as one of the business books to read to improve sales, Going for the Green: Selling in the 21st Century is an easy-to-read business book in the form of a novel about a top sales professional and single mother who can’t make her sales numbers anymore. She meets an older woman on the golf course who becomes her mentor and teaches her a better way to sell, golf and live.

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Praise for Going For the Green

"I picked it up and damned if I could not put it down!. I got all wrapped up in the story and whether she was really going to land that account....and I HATE sales!" -- Colleen Wainwright, President, BeanEyes Communications "This book will change the way companies look at their sales approach. In today's competitive market place we must all look at how to effectively and efficiently manage sales and our business. Going For The Green is a comprehensive and commendable approach to changing a business into a consulting force. Thank you for the opportunity to read the book." -- Elaine Merritt, National President, American Business Women's Business Association