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Walter G. Meyer is a nationally recognized anti-bullying speaker who has been on numerous television and radio shows including NPR. He has written about the timely topic of bullying for newspapers and web sites.

He has created anti-bullying webinars for corporations, schools, and nonprofits, including Achieva. Mr. Meyer has spoken to high schools, libraries, community centers and bookstores about the timely topic of bullying. Students at Penn State, Arizona State, West Virginia University, SUNY-Jamestown and many other colleges have heard his presentations. A more complete list of his appearances as an anti-bullying speaker is available here. He has led discussions following the presentations of stage plays, movies, documentaries, and even interpretive dance about bullying and he chaired a panel about bullying in video games at Gam3rCon.

Bullying has become such a buzzword that it has almost lost any real meaning. To get to the root of the problem and have a lasting impact, Mr. Meyer’s presentation

  • What is Bullying (it is not a one-time occurrence)
  • What can be done when bullying occurs
  • The importance of bystanders in preventing it.

His approach to preventing bullying focuses on learning to accept and respect yourself and others.

He uses statistics, references to other resources, and he offers practical steps that individuals and organizations can take in reaction to bullying when it occurs and to create a climate in which it is less likely to occur. Preventing conflict among individuals may not be possible, but it is possible to address it in a respectful way that creates a healthy and peaceful atmosphere.

Walt consults to Civility Partners about workplace and school bullying and has created webinars for them.

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Praise for Walt’s Presentations

“The feedback I received was amazing from some of my colleagues who followed up your school assembly presentation in their classes. It opened up a whole new dimension for discussion here at BPHS. I again thank you for all of your time, effort and caring support.” -- Marian Hornfeck, Bethel Park High School Healthy Life Teacher. “The most outstanding presentation we’ve had yet…every slide and comment resonated.” - Jaye Whittaker, MBA, Senior Financial Analyst; chair Cricket Communications Employee Resource Group. “I just wanted to say how grateful I am to you for the fantastic job you did leading the talk back and panel discussion at ion theatre. You found such a wonderful balance between your heartfelt sharing and organized facilitation of a difficult topic with a variety of personalities. You are a marvel to watch and thank you for bring such an important topic to San Diego. I found it so educational. You are a great ambassador and expert for this topic.” - Charles Maze, actor, ion theatre.