About Walt

San Diego-based writer Walter G. Meyer has numerous interesting projects in the works including his new novel, Rounding Third. Walt has written for dozens of newspapers and magazines–some of that  work can be seen on his periodicals page. The play which he co-wrote, GAM3RS, is being turned into a web series and two of his screenplays have been optioned to be movies and there is lots more in the works so check back often.

 Born and raised in the suburbs of Pittsburgh, he always knew he wanted to be a writer and this desire was reinforced when in the 4th grade he won a short story contest sponsored by The Atlantic Monthly. He wrote for his elementary school paper, his high school newspaper, (turning “pro” in the 9th grade by selling his first paid work to the local newspaper), then going on to write for The Daily Collegian at Penn State. One of his humor columns about the strange dialect of his home town was written up in the Penn Stater alumni magazine then picked up by other newspapers and spawned a host of imitations including t-shirts, coffee mugs and books featuring Pittsburghese.

His column commenting on college life was so popular that shortly following graduation he was asked to speak at his alma mater, a rare honor for a 21-year-old. He since has returned to speak at Penn State three more times, and has also addressed a full assembly of his old high school about bullying.

After college, Walt moved to California to continue his freelance writing career and worked a variety of jobs to support his writing habit.  He managed a racquet club, bookstore, motel, and an automated drive-thru grocery store, along with some modeling, acting, and stand-up comedy.  He now devotes his full time to writing, business consulting, and teaching business seminars and adult education courses.